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We always had the feeling that the best tools of the trade were not yet made. There were countless of different lifting device spreaders on the market but none of them stood out, we knew what we wanted so we made it. Who would be a better product developer that the most intense user of lifting equipment? After only a few prototypes we had a working product in our hands. aluex is the most versitile, fast and lightweight aluminium lifting spreader on the market, after using it once you will not want anything else.
Lightweight telescopic below the hook lifting equipment

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The easiest lifting spreader out there.

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Finland / Top-Trade Oy

Top-Trade Oy on 100 % suomalainen, nosto- , kuormankiinnitys-, ja materiaalinkäsittelylaitteita maahantuova, valmistava ja markkinoiva yhtiö.

Location: Vauramäenkuja 14, 20740 Turku, Finland

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Norway / Påbygg Spesialisten AS

Etter 16 års erfaring i Norge og EU har vi spesialisert oss på spesialpåbygg.

Location: Bølerveien 92, Skedsmo, Norway

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Sweden / Bedsab

Bedsab är ett företag som i huvudsak förser den svenska marknaden med Lyftredskap, Surrningsmateriel, Fallskyddsutrustning samt komponenter för Flak och Skåpbyggnation.

Location: Stallarholmsvägen 32, Bandhagen, Sweden

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Dealers and lifting beams

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A lot of people already own and recommend it, join the crowd.

Christian Svensson

BA-Perssons Kranbilar och Transporter

So satisfied with our new lifting beam, perfect for almost anything and certainly one of the best lifting beams I have ever seen.

Patrik Sundström

Aluex / PS Lyfttjanst

We always knew that the lifting beams we were using everyday were not the most appropriate tools so we made the perfect tool for the task.

Olav G. Hansen

Påbygg Spesialisten AS

At PåbyggSpesialisten we wanted to extend our product line with something that the industry needed, this is exactly what aluex is.

Juha Hautakangas

Top Trade Oy

Aluex sells itself, if you are in the industry and you see it, you simply need it.

B. Edström


Aluex is a modern lifting beam with many advantages. The lightweight lifting beam is easy to store on all kinds of vehicles!